Data Privacy has become a major concern for customers before initiating any transaction that requires sharing any sensitive data with the organization to avail its products or services. Data Privacy violations such as Cambridge Analytica and (Facebook data misuse scandal), in which the personal data was acquired without consent, harvested with psychological insights, and used for political advertising have spur doubts among individuals on how their data is managed is used by companies. Data breaches, network infiltrations, bulk data theft and sale, identity theft, and ransomware outbreaks have all occurred over 2020. Report from “Risk based security” declared year 2020…

Different machine learning algorithms are applied to build models for solving complex problems and achieving better results. Fundamentally, these can be classified into two broad approaches- Generative and Discriminative.

Consider a simple classification problem of predicting breast cancer as malign or benign, based on the tumor size.

In this problem Y represents the class label (Malign/ Benign) to be predicted, whereas x represents the input feature (Tumor Size). Practically, there will be many other features for consideration in this scenario but for simplicity let us train the model only on tumor sizes and predict the tumor category.

From a probabilistic…


“Practice makes a man perfect”, a proverb we all have heard and grown up with, however, human error still percolates in the mundane day to day activities. For instance, forgetting car keys, spilling coffee because you are in a hurry etc. On the other hand, our alarm clock never fails to ring in the morning. This leads us to a long-debated topic of human vs. machine. With each technological leap forward, there is a parallel rise in fear that humanity will somehow be displaced. However, Ben Jones, Google’s creative director says, we need to stop thinking of machines as rivals…

Atin Singh

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